Fresno Animal Roundtable
Working Together for All Animals
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 Fresno Animal Roundtable 
February 19, 2014 
Networking @ 5:30pm - Meeting @ 6:00pm

Woodward Park Library
944 E Perrin Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
Meeting Room

Taking a look at the HSUS "Pets for Life" program -
will it work here - in whole or in part? 
Are we already doing it - in whole or in part?

We'll review the program video, printed material and discuss the program relative to how effective it could be here, and how it can, and how we can, use the program to advance the care of animals here in our valley,

As always, the FAR group is designed to provide the opportunity for concerned citizens, public officials, city and county staff and rescue and shelter staff and volunteers to work together to increase animal care, decrease costs to government and make positive change for human and animal safety.

The Fresno Animal Roundtable (FAR) is a coalition dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of care and greatest possibility of permanent placement of Fresno City and County homeless, lost, abandoned and feral animals.  Professional members include representatives of municipal shelters, rescue and foster entities, animal service providers, law enforcement agencies, veterinarians and political officials and concerned and active 
community members.
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Click here to download the "Licensing" deck presented at the last meeting
Check out the video of the presentation to the FAR groups by Mitch Schneider and Diane Blankenburg on how they are achieving positive outcomes - increasing owner reclaims and decreasing euthanasia rates.  Can we make similar positive progress ... you bet!
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